15 Decision Making Techniques to Take Better Decision in Life.

15 Decision Making Techniques to Change 2023

Razor : Mental Model of Decision Making

Razors to Make Right Decisions in Life

1. The Feynman Razor

> Make Complex Things in Simpler

2. The Luck Razor

> if There is Two Option.
> Choose Which is More Lucky Otion.
> Like You have 1 hour.
> You Can Spend it in Scrolling Shorts Videos Or You Can Learn Something From Online Course.
> It's Up To You.

3. The Arena Razor

> Like Doing Comentory or Really Playing Cricket.

4. The Optimistic Razor

> Pessimist vs otimist

> Optimist People Find Solutions in Every Problem.

> Pessimist People Can Find Problem in Every Solutions. (Lol)

5. The New Project Razor.

> if You Get a New Project and Until in Your Heart, You Don't Get a Feeling for that Project.
Hell Yes! I Want to do this Project.

> if You have Choice to Do That Or Project.
Than Choose Only if You're Willing to Do.

6. The UpHill Decision Razor
> if You Want to Take One Decision that is Deficult in Short Term.
> Because It's Create Long Term Sucess.

Short Term Pain = Long-Term Gain

7. The Invested v/s Spent Razor
> The Decision to Invest Your Time is the True Decision.

How to Invest Time ?
> By Reading Good Books.
> By Watching Good Content.
> By Writing.
> By Talking to People.
> By Learning Something New.
> By Excercising,
> By Meditating
> By Sleeping Well.

How to Spend Time ?
> By Scrolling
> By Constantly Talking to Friends.
> By Binge-Watching Randomly,
> By Eating Randomly,
> By Constantly Sleeping

8. The Rooms Razor.
> Enter the Rooms there People Taling and You Can Observe.

9. The Occam's Razor.
> Simplest Explanation is Right Explanation.
Like Lots Of bad Things Happens in a Day. Simply Called Bad Day.

10. The Lion Razor,
> The Lion Never Doing Hustle Hustle.
> He Do Rest than Attack, Rest than Hunt, Rest than Eat. This is How Lion Rule the Jungle.
> They Don't Keep Hunting All Day. 
> They Hunt Only Once But They Rest For Hours and Days.
> That is How You Can Also Look at Life.
> Where You Just have to Hustle Or Other Where you Get Time To Prepare, Time to Recover, Time ti Think, Time To Learn and Then You Come in and do Your Best.
That Will be the Right Decision.

11. The Smart Friends Razor.
> if Smart Friend doing Discussion on One thing Frequently. Pay Attention.

12. The Young & Old Razor.
> is Happy Your 8 Year's Old Avtaar and 80 Year's old Avtaar from Your Decision.
> Think With These to Procespective.

13. The Bragger's Razor.
> Become Really Reach Not Showing that You're Reach.
> Save Money / Invest Money / Make Money (Be a Wealthy)
> Rather Than Spend Money for Show-Off

14. The Reading Razor
> Read Books That Enjoy You.

15. The Stress Result Razor.
> Check Reward of Stress.
> Run Towards the Right Kind of Stress in Life.

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