10 passive source of income as a web designer

  1. Affiliate Marketing: As a web designer, you can promote products or services on your website by including affiliate links. You earn a commission for every sale made through your affiliate link.

  2. Digital Products: You can create digital products like website templates, graphics, or tutorials and sell them online. This can generate a passive income as the products can be sold repeatedly without requiring additional work.

  3. Online Courses: Create online courses teaching web design skills or other related topics. Once the courses are created, they can be sold repeatedly to generate passive income.

  4. Advertising Revenue: You can monetize your website by displaying ads. Google AdSense is one popular way to earn revenue from advertising.

  5. Referral Programs: Join referral programs for web hosting, domain registration, or other related services. You earn a commission for every new customer you refer.

  6. Subscription-based Services: Offer website maintenance services, website updates, or website backups for a monthly fee. This creates a recurring source of passive income.

  7. Stock Photography: If you have an eye for design, you can sell stock photography online. This allows you to earn royalties on every download.

  8. Print-on-Demand Products: Create designs for t-shirts, mugs, or other merchandise and sell them online using a print-on-demand service. You earn a commission for every sale made.

  9. Sponsored Content: You can write sponsored posts or include sponsored links on your website. This can generate passive income as long as your website remains popular and relevant.

  10. Real Estate: Invest in rental properties or commercial spaces and create a website to promote your properties. This can generate passive income through rental income and appreciation in property value over time.

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